When is termite season

When is termite season in central TN

When are termites active?  When is termite season?

Termites are reason for concern, and two of the most commonly asked questions we receive at The Bug Man office are: “When are termites active?” and “When is termite season?”.  In Tennessee, termites are actually active year-round.  We have found active termites in crawl spaces in the winter time when there has been snow on the ground.  Yeah, pretty funny… snow on the ground in middle Tennessee? Ha! That hardly ever happens.  The termites may not be as active, or active outside in the mulch when the ground turns cold but, with our heated homes, the crawl spaces stay warm enough to sustain termite activity year round.

Most people become aware of termite activity during termite swarm season.  In middle Tennessee, this generally occurs in the spring time, between March and May.  This is the time of year when you see the alate termites (the winged termites) emerging from the walls, floors, and ceilings of homes.  Swarm season is The Bug Man’s busiest time for termite work because most homeowners are calling in with sightings of the termite swarmers.  Most swarming termites will die after swarming, as they become a food source for birds, lizards, and other insects and spiders.  And the termites that swarm indoors all die if they are unable to return to the soil in short order after locating a suitable mate.

Termite swarmers are not the termites that homeowners need to fear, but they are a great indicator that you have an infestation.  The termite colony consists of termite workers that consume the cellulose in wood and feed the rest of the colony.  These are the termites that cause the damage to structures.  Our treatments are designed to target and eliminate the colony of termites and protect the structure from future attacks.  The Bug Man treatment of choice is Termidor HE.  Termidor has been proven to last for over 15 years in studies, and we are able to offer a 20 year renewable warranty with our treatments.

When should I have my home inspected?

The Bug Man recommends having a termite inspection every 12-18 months.  Termite inspections can be completed year round in Tennessee.  During this inspection our certified technicians will inspect all accessible areas for evidence of termites.  We inspect for termite shelter tubes, tunnels, exit holes, wood debris in crawl spaces, and other conducive conditions that can lead to a future termite infestation.  Even with a complete inspection, it is still possible that a structure can have a termite infestation that goes undetected.  Termites can gain entry behind brick, through block, travel behind walls and under floors.  Many of these spaces are not accessible during a visual inspection.  Many times, even the professional must wait until there are visible signs of damage before we are able to locate an active termite infestation.  This is the reason that we recommend treatments on homes even when there is not a current visible sign of termites.  Termite treatment is one of the maintenance requirements of home ownership.  Once a home is under a termite protection treatment and warranty, we continue to perform yearly inspections to ensure the home remains termite free.

The Bug Man offers a free termite inspection and quote for Termidor HE Termite Protection.  Our certified technicians will provide a detailed written report of findings and quote for Termidor HE Termite Protection Protection.  Our goal at The Bug Man is to educate and provide the findings of our inspection so you have all the tools necessary to make a decision on how best to protect your home.

Termite Activity Found in Murfreesboro, TN

When is termite season in central TN

The Bug Man found termite activity in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas.

Termite season is in full swing here in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas.  Most of the calls we are fielding  this week are in regards to active termite swarms.  We have had calls from Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Smyrna, Rockvale, and Murfreesboro.  The termites are swarming now that the weather is warming up, the humidity is high, and the sun is beginning to shine.  Termites swarm in order to establish a new colony.  When the termites swarm and leave the existing colony, they fly towards the sunlight in search of a mate.  If the termites swarm outside, they will drift in the wind, land, break off their wings, locate a mate, and return back into the soil to begin a new colony.  But, the termites that swarm inside will usually fly towards windows and other light sources.  They will all die if they are unable to find a mate and return to soil.  When this happens, most homeowners will usually find the swarmer termites and wings around the windows, doors, or lights.  This is an indication that an inspection and  treatment is needed.  Here is a photo of termite shelter tubes that our technician found in a crawl space at a house in Christiana that had an active termite swarm on Friday.

Swarming termites are not the biggest concern

The swarming termites are not the real problem in a home, it is the worker termites hidden inside the walls that concern us.  They are the ones that feed on the cellulose (wood) of your home and cause the damage.  The worker termites are responsible for building the tunnels, feeding the colony, and all of the general duties of the colony,  The workers are the termites that get the work done!  But the swarming termites are definitely a sign that you have a problem!  When you see the termite swarmers, it is time to call The Bug Man.  When our trained technicians arrive on site, they will inspect the home, note their findings, review the information with the property owner, answer any questions, and provide a solution for the termite infestation.  The Bug Man uses Termidor HE for all of our termite treatments.  Termidor has been proven as the best termite solution in the industry, and that is why The Bug Man has teamed up with the makers of  Termidor, BASF.


Customer Service Testimonials

Customer Service Testimonials

Like most people, we love being told that we’re doing a good job. It’s encouraging and uplifting. Whenever a customer calls or writes in to tell us that they appreciate our services, it makes our day! Recently, Sean H. sent us an email to tell us how much he appreciated his technician. We’d like to share it with you.Like most people, we love being told that we’re doing a good job. It’s encouraging and uplifting. Whenever a customer calls or writes in to tell us that they appreciate our services, it makes our day!

Recently, Sean H. sent us an email to tell us how much he appreciated his technician. We’d like to share it with you.

Hello Dan, I hope you don’t mind that I got your email from your receptionist, I just want to let you know that I had a great experience with Stan, a new employee of yours. He was very knowledgeable and personable. I was comfortable having him in and around my house. He answered all my questions with genuine interest and effort and made suggestions based on my questions. I had never used The Bug Man before, but you can be sure that I will continue to do so and also recommend them to my friends and family. Please give Stan another thank you from me. 

Thanks for the encouragement, Sean! It’s a pleasure to serve you.

If you Googled The Bug Man, you’d most likely find our Places page. A recent review from Wisegal had this to say about us:

Decided to give this company a try. They went above my expectations for service and I trust their product, being I was concerned about my animals.

Another review–written by an anonymous source and taken from Superpages.com–reads as follows:

I have had a few different exterminators come to my home. I lost faith in them until I called The Bug Man and they sent a technician named Dan Lambert to my house, I was impressed immediately, he showed up actually a little early after calling and treated my house very well. He explained everything he was doing, saw him do things I had never seen an exterminator do. Very professional. This young man took care of an ant problem in one visit, that two other companies could not do in three years. I believe The Bug Man is the only true exterminator company in Rutherford County. 

We are grateful for feedback from our customers. If you ever come across a listing about The Bug Man on the internet, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Ant Season, Termite Season

Ant and Termite season

Tell me folks, is it ant season or termite season?

Is it Bugs season or Daffy season?

“Duck season!”
“Rabbit season!”
“Duck season!”
“Rabbit season”

Remember Looney Toons? Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck used to argue back and forth about which hunting season it was. And ol’ Elmer Fudd was befuddled by all of the crazy commotion.

Similar to Bugs and Daffy, it’s the time of year where you could find yourself saying:

“Ant season!”
“Termite season!”
“Ant season!”
“Termite season!”

In our previous blog, we talked about how ant-like bugs swarming in your house can actually be termites. To help you identify termites easier, check out the information below:

* Winged ants have two pairs of wings. The front pair is larger than the hind pair. Termite wings are the same shape and size.
* Ants have antennae that appear to have elbows. Termites have short, straight, beaded antennae.
* Ants have long, segmented bodies. Termites have short, stubby bodies.
* Both pests vary in size and color.

When you encounter pests in your home, don’t be befuddled. Call the The Bug Man. We will help you identify exactly what “pest season” it is.

The Bug Man Voted “Favorite Pest Control” – Ruthies Awards 3 Years Running

The Bug Man Voted Favorite Pest Control in 2010

The Daily News Journal holds an annual people’s choice award program each year for the Rutherford and Cannon county area.  For the third year in a row, The Bug Man has been voted “Favorite Pest Control” company!  We are honored to be chosen as your favorite.  We pride ourselves as the best company in town, and continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Thank you all for your votes!


TERMITE CONTROL: Answers for Homeowners

termite control

The best way to prevent termite damage and infestation is to have your home inspected frequently by a professional. (We are the professionals.) Many homeowners choose to have a termite prevention treatment performed to further protect their home.

I often get many questions about termites, the damage they cause, and how homeowners know if have an infestation.  I have attached a link to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture where they answer many of these questions.  Most homeowners discover termite activity and damage between March and May here in Tennessee.   The best way to prevent termite damage and infestation is to have your home inspected frequently by a professional.  (We are the professionals.)  Many homeowners choose to have a termite prevention treatment performed to further protect their home.  Check out the following link for more information about termite control.

University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Where do all the bugs go when it is cold out

Bug behavior during the winter

Someone asked me the other day what our company does in the winter when all of the insects die in the cold. Huh? No, silly! The insects don’t all die in the winter! Basically, they migrate, overwinter, or hibernate. Really, they are not much different than people. Take a playground, for instance. You don’t see any families there right now. But, that doesn’t mean that they all died. Lol. They’re home playing video games and drinking cocoa. But, come spring, that playground will be crawling with kids expending all of that pent-up winter energy. Bugs will do the same this spring. Until then, they often choose to hibernate and overwinter in, under and around people’s homes. That’s where we come in. 🙂 Here’s a great article I found on insect behavior in the winter from the Smithsonian Institution.

Where Do Insects Go in the Winter?

The Ant Institute

The Ant Institute in Central TN

Ants are one of the peskiest pest problems. To learn more about ants and how to protect and safeguard your home or business against them, visit the very informative website for The Ant Institute. Ants are one of the peskiest pest problems. To learn more about ants and how to protect and safeguard your home or business against them, visit the very informative website for The Ant Institute.

To learn more about termites, visit The Termite Institute.

For bed bugs, visit The Bed Bug Institute.

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The Bug Man Employee Training

The Bug Man in Central TN

Each year The Bug Man employees attend ongoing training to ensure that we can provide the safest, most effective pest protection for your home or business.

All of our technicians attended a five-hour class at the Department of Agriculture training facility in Nashville on January 26, 2010. The training class topics covered were:

1. Bed bug identification, inspection, treatment methods, customer education, and proper tools and safety equipment needed for effective control.

2. Commercial kitchen sanitation products, inspection methods, research, and treatment.

On February 2-4, 2010, Vicky and Dan Cassidy traveled to Memphis, TN to attend the NPMA Southern Conference. We attended 14 training classes over the 3 day event. A few of the topics covered were:

  • Ants – research on new products compared to existing products
  • WDI – termite inspection reports, providing proper inspections, evaluations, and recommendations
  • Bed Bug identification, control, and education. (As you can see, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance.)
  • Termite control, new research, new products.
  • Safety equipment and proper use
  • Roaches and new product research

The Bug Man is committed to provide the highest level of service and safety for our employees and our customers.