Using Technology to Feel Like a Superhero

Using Technology to Feel Like a Superhero

Hello. My name’s Lindsay. I do social media stuff for The Bug Man. Nice to meet you. This morning, as I was shuffling around and getting ready for work in my suburban apartment, I discovered a ravenous villain in my bathtub. An evil menace had set out to disrupt my pest-free* pleasantness. Although I work for a pest control company, I don’t have every bug memorized…yet. I’ve learned a lot while working at The Bug Man. I like to call myself an aspiring bug expert, but I’ve got a long ways to go. Some bugs look like other bugs. A few bugs have similar names and traits (i.e. centipede and millipede). Some bugs are different in Tennessee than where I grew up in Nebraska.

So what’s a girl to do when there’s a nasty, unidentified bug in her shower?

She supposed to pick up her smart phone. *nods matter of factly*

Wait! Pick up a smart phone?! You can’t kill a bug with a smartphone! Well, you could, I guess, but it’d be really messy and would gunk up your phone. But you can educate yourself. And you can envision heroic scenarios where someone else (The Bug Man) sweeps in to kill the bug so you don’t have to.

I grabbed my iPhone and opened up the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) app so I could figure out what bug was staring at me from my bathtub.

Through reading descriptions of common household invaders and looking at pictures, I discovered that a centipede had trekked up through the drainpipe to greet me. Now that I knew what bug it was, I somehow felt better. I felt empowered. I was also relieved to remember that the app also has this nifty feature that helps me find a pest professional.

Don’t get me wrong. I know where The Bug Man is located and I know my own office’s phone number. But it was comforting to find us in the list of pest professionals in the area.

I’ve got to admit that I’m a tech geek. And a superhero fan. And I have an active imagination. So I imagined that the NPMA app worked like the perfect weapon to combat the evil centipede. Because I had to kill the bug in order to take a shower, I thought of myself as The Bug Woman, using my new-found knowledge to muster up the guts to bag the bug.

And then, I jumped into The Bug Mobile. I mean…my car.  And I drove to work to continue the fight against the injustice of the bugs in the world.

If you have a smart phone, I highly recommend that you download the NPMA app. It’s pretty nifty. And if you’ve got bug issues, call your local superhero: The Bug Man. 🙂

Stink Bugs on the Rise in Middle Tennessee

Stink Bugs on the rise

When considering the odoriferous occasional invader that is the stink bug, they can be described much like Mr. Grinch:

“The three words that describe you are as follows, and I quote, ‘Stink, Stank, Stunk!’”

Tennessee, as well as 32 other states in America, are dealing with the rotten reality of stink bug infestations.

Tennessee, as well as 32 other states in America, are dealing with the rotten reality of stink bug infestations. Unfortunately, because they secrete a smelly liquid when threatened, even a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole won’t help.

Stink bugs have already been reported in the Middle Tennessee area. Some species of the bug attack crops and can cost farmers millions of dollars in damage. Other stink bugs only attack the noses of people who happen to step on or disturb them.

To prevent stink bugs from entering your home, make sure you seal around windows and doors with silicone-latex caulk. Also, patch any holes or replace any damaged screens on windows, porches or doors. Vacuuming an affected area may help, as long as the vacuum bag is disposed of properly and not left inside to release the nasty odor.

The National Pest Management Association warns homeowners this week that the bugs’ growing populations are likely to make infestations significantly worse this year. “This season’s stink bug population will be larger than in the past,” says Jim Fredericks, director of technical services for NPMA.

If you encounter stink-stank-stunk bugs in your home or work place, do not squash them. Call us at 615.217.7284 or email We’re happy to help you defeat those mini Mr. Grinches!

Spring is in the Air and Ants are on the Move in Middle Tennessee

ants on the move

At The Bug Man, we want to equip you with as much information as we can on how to keep your home pest free. Here’s your latest installment of Bug Basics. Follow these tips to help your pest control professional better protect your home.Inside Tips:

  • If you spill something, clean it up. That ketchup on your kitchen table that fell off your corn dog last week is singing, “Come to me, ants. I have succulent sweetness for you to devour. Invite your friends. It’s a party!”
  • Regularly take out the trash. Keep this task on your chore list, folks. It is important.
  • Before you throw jars and containers into the trash that you just vowed to take out with devoted diligence, rinse them out. This applies to containers in your trash and in your recycling bin.
  • Pick up and store Fluffy’s/Fido’s food before you go to bed. Unfortunately, you may have to train your furry friend that they cannot graze on their food all night long. Much like your corn dog’s spilled ketchup, pet food attracts ants.

Outside Tips:

  • Seal your doors and windows. Not only will this help with your house’s draftiness, it’ll keep bugs out too.
  • Clean those rain gutters! This declarative sentence reminds us of the line, “Get those nail breakers!” in the classic 90s movie Ladybugs, starring Rodney Dangerfield. Hey, we’re a bug company. Of course we’re going to reference a bug-themed movie every once in awhile. If you have no idea what we’re talking about (or if you do and you love that movie), watch this YouTube clip.
  • Trim the trees and shrubs near your house. Ants will use tree limbs and bush branches like a bridge to march right into your house. Imagine it as a sophisticated ant interstate. You could call it I-ANT40.
  • Store firewood off the ground and away from your house. As you sit by your fireplace enjoying the evening and the ambiance, you don’t want ants sitting there with you, enjoying it too.

You may not know this, but most do-it-yourself pest treatments that you buy at a store actually hinder the pest removal effort because they repel bugs. Instead of killing the bugs, they just cause the pest to move locations, ultimately leading to more damage in the home.

If you find ants in your home, give us a call (615.217.7284).


Homeowner Pest Prevention Tips

Pest Prevention tips

Did you know that there are many things that YOU, the homeowner, can do to help prevent pests from getting into your home?

Indoor Tips:

  • Keep air conditioning filters clean. Dirty filters can lead to moisture build-up, which is a magnet for pests.
  • Check for plumbing leaks and seal gaps around pipes. Do this everywhere, but especially behind cabinetry. Water shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate anywhere in or around your home.
  • Check grout around bathtubs and toilets. A good caulk seal assures that even the smallest insects can’t enter.
  • Clear your attic of clutter. Clearing out clutter and sealing cardboard boxes prevents insects from nesting inside.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers or in the refrigerator. This cuts off potential food sources for pests.
  • Don’t leave pet food or water out overnight. This eliminates a possible food source during a time period when pest activity increases.

Outdoor Tips:

  • Outside doors must be well sealed. If light can be seen from around or under a door, then insects can gain access inside your home.
  • Repair torn screens. Screens are a prime entry point for pests.
  • Seal around soffits and gable vents. This keeps rodents and insects from getting inside the roof or attic space.
  • Seal around conduits and piping where it enters the structure. Many insects and rodents follow power lines or climb conduits and pipes to get inside your home.
  • Check gutter drains to ensure water is kept away from your home. This helps discourage moisture build-up adjacent to your home.
  • Remove excess leaves from the roof and rain gutters. This keeps ants and other insects from breeding under the build-up.
  • Caulk all cracks and crevices. Check and seal under window frames and around pipes entering the side of the home to keep insects from entering.
  • Keep trash cans clean and lids sealed. This keeps ants, roaches, and flies from feeding and breeding in the trash.
  • Keep the garage door closed and make sure the weather stripping is in good condition.
  • Prune excess vegetation touching the home. Pay special attention to eaves and the roof.
  • Remove wood debris and keep woodpiles away from your home’s foundation. This helps prevent rodent nesting or insect colonization next to your home.
  • Ensure your irrigation system is functioning properly. Make sure water doesn’t accumulate near the foundation or sprays onto your home.
  • Guide air conditioner drip line away from the foundation. Extend the piping at least 2 feet.

The Bug Man Employee Training

The Bug Man in Central TN

Each year The Bug Man employees attend ongoing training to ensure that we can provide the safest, most effective pest protection for your home or business.

All of our technicians attended a five-hour class at the Department of Agriculture training facility in Nashville on January 26, 2010. The training class topics covered were:

1. Bed bug identification, inspection, treatment methods, customer education, and proper tools and safety equipment needed for effective control.

2. Commercial kitchen sanitation products, inspection methods, research, and treatment.

On February 2-4, 2010, Vicky and Dan Cassidy traveled to Memphis, TN to attend the NPMA Southern Conference. We attended 14 training classes over the 3 day event. A few of the topics covered were:

  • Ants – research on new products compared to existing products
  • WDI – termite inspection reports, providing proper inspections, evaluations, and recommendations
  • Bed Bug identification, control, and education. (As you can see, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance.)
  • Termite control, new research, new products.
  • Safety equipment and proper use
  • Roaches and new product research

The Bug Man is committed to provide the highest level of service and safety for our employees and our customers.