Restaurant Pest Control

A pest outbreak is the last news a patron wants to hear about their favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, pest problems in restaurants are a common occurrence. The food service industry is under justified pressure to maintain sanitary environments in their business spaces and staying pest-free* plays a pivotal role in that.

The exterminators at The Bug Man know how to create pest-free* environments in restaurants across the Central TN area.

Necessity of Pest Control for Restaurants

Pests are an imminent threat in the foodservice industry. They spread filth, concern customers, threaten food safety and can appear after even the smallest lapses in sanitation. There are multiple reasons why restaurant pest control is an essential measure:

  • Pests can transmit threatening diseases such as typhoid, cholera, E. coli, and salmonella.
  • Some pests are known to contaminate food with droppings, urine, and filth.
  • Rodents can introduce certain pests to the environment such as ticks, mites, and flees.
  • Buildings, wiring, fixtures, and machinery can be seriously damaged.

The Bug Man‘s Restaurant Extermination Process

In order to maintain a safe restaurant, it’s ideal to work with a restaurant pest control expert that can keep pests away all year. Our restaurant extermination protocol goes as follows:

  1. A complete property inspection of the restaurant and surrounding grounds
  2. Checkup on current pest problems and the reasons for their existence
  3. Creation of a pest control plan for your restaurant that satisfies your needs and complies with your building’s regulations
  4. Thorough sealing of entry points or other exclusion measures to limit sources of infestation
  5. Routine returns by a team committed to exceeding your expectations to ensure a pest-free* restaurant

Lasting Restaurant Pest Control

With years of experience under our belt, The Bug Man knows what to do to keep Central TN restaurants free of pests. Routine inspections, preventative work, and discreet treatments will all help to make sure your foodservice establishment is safe and clean. To learn more about our restaurant pest control, contact us today!

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