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Mosquitoes in Murfreesboro TN - The Bug Man

Mosquito Problems? The Bug Man Can Rescue You!

Spring is finally here in Tennessee and with it, the warm sun, rain, and blooming flowers. However, these aren’t the only accompaniments to springtime. Mosquitoes are emerging and are here to stay for the months ahead. It can be very difficult to enjoy spending outdoors this time of year when mosquitoes are so active during […]

Brood X cicadas are emerging soon in Murfreesboro TN - The Bug Man

What to Know About the Emerging Brood-X Cicadas

This May, we’re in for a rare occurrence here in Murfreesboro TN: the emergence of the Brood-X Cicadas! After being underground for 17 years, the massive swarms of cicadas are about to emerge in late May through early June throughout 14 eastern states. Whether you view this event with delight or disgust, it’s important to […]


Termite Season is Once Again Knocking at the Door

Termite season has officially started here in Murfreesboro TN. As soon as the weather warms up even a bit, termites become active. With our climate, termites are a problem for homeowners most of the year. Because they are such a dangerous pest problem, it’s crucial to learn what you need to do to prevent a […]

Six factors that put you at risk for termites in Murfreesboro TN - The Bug Man, LLC

6 Factors That Put You At Risk For Termites

Termites are a year-round pest problem for Tennessee residents. But what makes your home attractive to termites in the first place? Many people are under false pretenses that termites only infest wood. Unfortunately, there are many other factors at play that may put you at risk for an infestation. This Termite Awareness Week, the experts […]

Mosquito Reduction Tips For Middle Tennessee

Mosquito Reduction Tips! Warmer weather is here and with that will also be mosquitoes! Our Mosquito Reduction Service is designed to reduce the mosquito population in your yard. Our technicians will treat the foliage of trees and shrubs where mosquitoes rest during the day. When they come into contact with the treated surface, they will die. […]

The common black ground beetle

Roach or Beetle? Over the past couple weeks, calls have been coming in with reports of a roach invasion! Reports of roaches in the garage, in the house, all around the house… what do we do?  We have good news, these are not roaches.  These are the common black ground beetles that emerge in the […]

Fleas and Ticks driving you Wild?

Are Fleas and Ticks driving you wild this summer? Calls for flea and tick control have been on the rise over the past few weeks here at The Bug Man office.  It is the prime season for the fleas and ticks to be on the hunt for a food source.  And with the pets outside, […]

bed bugs

Bed Bugs! What You Need to Know

Bed bugs are being discovered on a daily basis here in the Middle Tennessee region. In houses, apartments, hotels and even retail outlets, it appears that everyone is a target. Bed bugs have been feeding on humans since the beginning of recorded history. The bed bugs were nearly eliminated from the United States until the […]


Honey Bee Swarms – HELP is here!

How can we help the honey bee? We have asked ourselves this question here at The Bug Man for many years.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in our business, this basically means to be successful at our jobs while making the smallest impact on our environment possible.  Each year, we receive calls reporting honey […]


When mice and rats come knocking

Are the mice and rats knocking at your door? As the cold weather approaches, we all head inside where it is warm, sit by the fire and relax.  The same happens to all the pesky rodents this time of year.  The rodents are also looking for a nice warm place to nest for the winter […]