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Mice found in Central TN - The Bug Man

When Mice and Rats Come Knocking

When winter rolls around, sometimes all we want to do is sit by a cozy fire and relax. It turns
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A cockroach indoors in Central TN - The Bug Man

Keep Pests Out Over the Holidays

A pest infestation is one of the last things you want to deal with during the holiday season. The family
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A brown recluse in Central TN - The Bug Man

Exposing the Brown Recluse

Brown recluse spiders have an air of mystery about them that starts with their name and extends to their habits,
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Some rats found in Central TN - The Bug Man

Fall Means Mice and Rats Chewing Wires

When we think of pest problems here in Central TN, the most destructive one that comes to mind is a
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Rodents that made it inside in Central TN - The Bug Man

The Chill of Fall Brings Rodents Inside

As the Tennessee heat recedes back into fall, all sorts of pests try to inhabit our homes for some warmth
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A mole found in Central TN - The Bug Man

5 Signs of Gophers or Moles Living in Your Lawn

No one wants to wake up one day to find their lawn or garden filled with mounds of dirt—this is
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Mosquitoes after a rainy day in Central TN - The Bug Man

Bug Basics: Why Do More Mosquitoes Appear After it Rains?

It’s a well-known fact that the mosquito population in your backyard increases after it rains. After all, the rain provides
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Mosquito larvae in Murfreesboro TN - The Bug Man

3 Ways to Safely Kill Mosquito Larvae

Ever wonder why mosquitoes always seem to be around ponds, marshes, and wherever else water is found nearby? The answer
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