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Ants in a bathroom in Central TN - The Bug Man

How You Can Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Every year, our technicians at The Bug Man are called to wipe out ant infestations all over Central TN. All
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A deer tick found in Central TN - The Bug Man

Learn How to Avoid Ticks & Lyme Disease

Have you ever caught a tick mid-bite? Finding a tick trying to latch itself onto you to draw your blood
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Searching for spiders in Central TN - The Bug Man

The Bug Man’s Top 10 Spider Facts

The Bug Man’s technicians are no strangers to spiders. We’ve helped many different home and business owners around Central TN
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Termites in Middle Tennessee - The Bug Man

Termite Season is Here in Middle Tennessee!

Every Spring, as the temperatures warm and the rains fall, a tiny insect wakens. This tiny insect, known as the
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Flying termites in Central TN - The Bug Man

Preventing Flying Termites in Your Home

Spring is welcomed by most of us here in Tennessee. Unfortunately, spring is also the time when insects of all
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Flies infesting Central TN home - The Bug Man

How Flies Can Invade a Clean House

Although flies are typically seen as a pest problem during the summer, they can also be a nuisance at other
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Winter bee activity in Central TN - The Bug Man

Do Bees Die in the Winter?

Everyone associates the buzzing of bees with spring or summer. Bees and all other types of stinging insects are at
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When Indianmeal Moths Attack

When Indian Meal Moths Attack

Indian meal moths are one of the most common pantry pests in the region and one of the more unfortunate
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The Bug Man Blog

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Serving Central Tennessee

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