The Bug Man Hosts Food Drive to Support Greenhouse Ministries

The Bug Man family has much to be thankful for and this year isn’t any different. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are hosting a non-perishable food drive from September through November. All food items will be donated to Greenhouse Ministries.

If you would like to make a donation for the food drive, here’s how:

    • Leave your non-perishable items in a bag or box by your front door on the day of your next service and a technician will pick it up and bring it to our office.
    • A collection box will be located inside our office and you may stop by Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Greenhouse Ministries is a local outreach ministry located off of Spring Street in Downtown Murfreesboro. They provide assistance with food, clothing, job-skill traning, adult education classes and counseling to underprivileged families in our community. Learn more about Greenhouse Ministries by visiting their website

Designing The Bug Man: DIY Scrabble Wall Art

At the beginning of 2011, we moved into our new office on 606 S. Church Street in Murfreesboro, TN. Our new building was ripe with possibilities for decor and customization.

One of our favorite “new office” projects is our DIY Scrabble Wall Art. Anyone who visits The Bug Man office will catch a glimpse of this three-dimensional work of art. Here are a few pictures and a brief explanation of how we made it.

1. First, we brainstormed a few pest-control-related words to use in our Scrabble puzzle.

2. Then we found a free crossword puzzle maker online and used that to create our layout.

3. After considering how to make the tiles look authentic, our office manager discovered a lovely company called Woodworks Limited. She counted up how many tiles we would need and then ordered them off In a few short, yet seemingly long days, our materials arrived in the mail!

4. Continuing on the path of authenticity, we then stained the wood tiles to make them look more Scrabblesque. They were left to dry over night.

5. Another key element to this project was finding the right font for the numbers and the letters. We used Chatty Walls’ Will & Grace uppercase font because we thought it looked the most like the font the game of Scrabble uses. (

6. After the stained tiles dried, we stuck the vinyl letters and numbers onto the tiles. The stickers were measured and placed at the center of the tile. Each little number had to be cut out individually and then affixed to the wood. If you look closely you can see the measurements in the photo.

7. To get the shiny, glossy look on the tiles we used a clear glaze spray. After the glossy finish was complete, they REALLY looked like Scrabble tiles!

8. The next task was to find a way to affix the tiles to the wall, while also keeping the 3-D effect. Initially, we were going to use paint stirrers. However, we ended up using trim. Putting all of the letters on the trim helped us to line up everything as a complete word, instead of as an individual letter.

9. To preview our masterpiece, we used reusable adhesive putty.

10. And then, in all of its wonder and glory…it was complete! Now we have a beautiful, fun, pest-themed Scrabble game on our office wall.

Please Vote for The Bug Man in the Ruthies Awards

The Bug Man in Central TN

Greetings friends!

This is the year of the vote! We’re in the thick of the Ruthies Awards competition. We are the four-time defending champion in the Favorite Pest Control Category and we’re going for our fifth Ruthie. Please vote for us DAILY on the Ruthies Awards website.
Also, thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Besties competition. We were crowned Best Pest Control Company for the second year in a row. We’re honored that you chose us as Best Bug Zapper.

The Bug Man Family To Embark on Biggest Loser Challenge

The Bug Man in Central TN

The Bug Man family generally has winning in mind. However, this time we’re hoping to be The Biggest Loser.

We’ll be posting updates on our blog and also on our Facebook page. As an additional motivator, we’ll be posting recipes, fitness tips, and helpful quotes on our Pinterest board dedicated to The Biggest Loser. You can find that board here: The Bug Man’s Biggest Loser. If you’d like to add to our Pinterest board, let us know. We’ll add you as a contributor.

Our aim is to become as healthy as possible so we can live long lives with our families and serve our customers. Beginning August 1st, The Bug Man staff is going to start a weight loss challenge. We will inspire and encourage each other to work as a team to lose as much weight as possible in a healthy way until the contest ends on October 31.

Please join us as we take this wellness journey!

Murfreesboro Main Street JazzFest is May 4 and 5

Main street

April showers brings May flowers and Murfeesboro’s own Main Street Jazz Festival on May 4 and 5.

Admission is free to this popular event in downtown Murfreesboro. Watch local bands as well as some of the best live jazz music out there, including the 129th U.S. Army Jazz Band Ensemble. The YouTube clip we posted features the U.S. Army Band.

Other notable ensembles are: Music City Swing, MTSU Jazz Ensemble, The Kelli Cox Collaborative, MYJO, Everyday Magic, Connie Florance, and Denny Jiosa.

Our owner–Dan Cassidy–has been volunteering for the Jazz Festival for over 11 years.

If you’re in the area, it would be worth your while to make a trek out to see Jazz Fest. Maybe you’ll drive by our new building on 606 S. Church Street along the way!

Vote for The Bug Man as Best Bug Zapper in the Murfreesboro Post’s Besties Awards

The Bug Man in Central TN

Please vote for us as Best Bug Zapper in the Murfreesboro Post’s Besties Awards. We won the award in this category last year and we’d love to keep the tradition going! Here’s a link to where you can vote: Vote for The Bug Man as Best Bug Zapper.

Please note that in order for your vote to count this year, you have to vote for at least half of the categories on the form.

Thank you so much for your vote! We appreciate the time you invested in filling out the form. Please vote daily.

Lots of New, New, New in Our Company News

The Bug Man in Central TN

We really are growing a lot here at The Bug Man! In early February, we moved into our new office at 606 S. Church Street. At the end of March, we added two new trucks to our ‘bugged’ out fleet of bug-busting, technician-toting work trucks. And here we are, already in April, and we even have a few new employees.

Here are a few pictures and a YouTube video documenting our recent changes. As you can see, the video was taken before our building was repainted. You can always find updates on our Facebook and Twitter, and even on our Pinterest. Please join us there. We’d love to talk to you!

Our new, freshly painted building
Our new ‘bugged’ out trucks

Green Pest Control: EPA Implements Changes to Rodent Regulation

Changes to Rodent Regulation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently made changes to how rodents are regulated. As your resident rodent catchers, this affects how The Bug Man takes care of you: our customers.

Let us start by saying that the best way to manage the rodent population is through a fancy term called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It’s also known as Green Pest Control.

When it comes to rodents, IPM is essentially battening down the hatches of your home. Imagine that a hurricane was coming. You’d board up your windows and make your home secure. To protect yourself from a hurricane invasion of rodents, you should do what you can to protect the entry points to your home. We’ve described this process in our blog Rats! I’ve got mice! Tips and Tricks for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home.


When you call The Bug Man for your pest problem, you’re calling an expert who can show you how to secure your home to protect it from pest invasion. Anybody can go to the store to buy a can of pest spray or a mousetrap. Securing your home doesn’t only involve spraying a product. It also–more importantly–involves utilizing our trained and educated technicians to show you how you can keep your home or business pest-free*.

One of the biggest changes implemented by the EPA is that all rodent bait now needs to be stored inside a bait station so that children and animals will not be able to access the bait. With this new EPA law, we are now required to use bait stations, so there will be a nominal fee for the bait stations. If you have questions about the bait station fees, please call us at 615.217.7284.

Both our office staff and our technicians want to partner with you to keep your home pest free through IPM and Green Pest Control.

A Dream Come True: We’re Hosting Our Blog on Our Website

Hosting Our Blog on Our Website

We’re now hosting our blog on our website. Go to The Bug Man for future blog updates. Hello, readers!

We’ve got an exciting announcement! After years of waiting and sighing and hoping that our website platform would provide a viable blog platform, our dream has come true!

During a recent trip on the information superhighway via Google, we discovered that there’s a downloadable WordPress plugin for our website.

We downloaded the plugin and now The Bug Man blog is up and running on From now on we’ll be hosting our blog on our website. Please visit us there for future blog posts.

Thanks for reading!

Feedback: We Want to Hear From You

Feedback: We Want to Hear From You

We want to hear from you. Please let us know how we’re doing. Share a good report, ask a question, or even share a disappointment. We’re here to help and ready to listen. We love feedback!

Not really the kind that comes from a hot microphone that’s configured incorrectly. But the kind that comes from customers. Whether it’s a positive report, a clarifying question, or even a disappointment, we want to hear about it.

At The Bug Man, it’s our aim to continually improve. Take our new office on S. Church St., for example. We believe that a bigger office (with room to grow) will allow us to serve our customers better. We hope to be moved into our new space by the beginning of 2012.

In the pursuit of feedback, we’re very active on various social media platforms. You can find us here on our blog, on our website, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even YouTube. And let us not forget to mention that we’re available via phone at 615.217.7284, email (, and regular mail (606 S. Church St Murfreesboro, TN 37130).

We’re here to help and ready to listen. 🙂