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Many of us see winter as the season where pests try to get inside our homes. While this may be true, it doesn’t exempt us from dealing with pests outdoors, too! Some of the sneakiest offenders in the winter in Central TN are ticks. While many other kinds of bugs scramble for indoor protection or die off in the harsh cold, ticks make do with what they have and are able to survive at relatively impressive rates. If you’re looking to learn more about ticks’ survivability in the winter and the ways we can avoid them, read on for expert advice from The Bug Man!

When Are Ticks In Season in Central TN?

People usually associate ticks with the summer. Walking your dogs through tall grass is often advised against during the warmer months for the number of ticks that could be lurking around, waiting for a host to pass by. There is definitely truth to this—ticks thrive in warm and humid climates, preferring to live in places averaging upwards of 85% humidity.

So, if heat and humidity are the keys to their survival, do ticks die in the winter? Although the conditions are unpreferable, ticks are fully capable of surviving during the colder seasons. Here’s how they do it:

  • If they can find a suitable host, they will latch onto them for as long as they can, feeding off of them and hiding in their fur when resting.
  • If they cannot find a host, they will look for piles of leaf litter to provide a temporary shelter
  • Some ticks will burrow underground for a more stable layer of protection and insulation

How to Steer Clear of Winter Ticks

You’re much less likely to run into ticks when the temperatures drop below 45 degrees and the ground is covered in water, ice, or snow. However, winter tick problems can still arise if you don’t keep your guard up against them. Here are a few ways you can defend your family against ticks in Central TN:

  1. Check your pets when they come back inside. If a tick latches onto your dog, they will stay there until discovered. Conduct a tick check after letting your dogs outside or taking them on a walk.
  2. Don’t let yard waste build up. Since ticks hide in leaf piles and other organic matter during the winter, you want to make sure your yard is cleared of any potential hiding places.
  3. Hire your local tick exterminators. Tick barrier treatments can make your yard uninhabitable for all of the many tick species living in our region.

Tick Control this Winter

Perhaps the greatest danger associated with ticks is the transmission of Lyme disease, which is carried by some deer ticks living in Central TN. To protect your family from dangerous ticks this winter, talk to your local pest control company. The Bug Man’s tick control team has been protecting the Murfreesboro area from parasitic pests for 20 years and can develop a custom plan for your property, commercial or residential. For a free quote, reach out today!

Can Ticks Survive through the Winter in Central Tennessee

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