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Summer is a time of abundance; an abundance of sunshine, fresh fruit, memories, and unfortunately pests. While many people hope the end of summer also signals the end of pest season, some find that it is quite the opposite. During the late summer, many pests become a greater nuisance. Whether it is due to the warm weather, an increase in food, or for winter preparation, there’s no doubt late summer is a time for increased pest activity.

Late Summer Pests Found in Knoxville, Tennessee

While all pests are a nuisance, these late summer pests are particularly bothersome to many homeowners. Their increased activity during this time can turn outdoor gatherings into itchy affairs, and their intrusion into homes can create unwelcome disturbances.


Cockroaches thrive in the warm and humid weather during the summer, but as summer slowly fades into fall, these heat-loving bugs will start invading homes in search of food and shelter from the cold. Late summer is the perfect time for these scavengers to find some of their favorite treats around your home: fallen fruit, decaying vegetation, and your barbeque leftovers.


Mosquitoes are summer’s most frustrating pests. Many people hope to find reprieve from these biting pests as summer wanes, but many find mosquitoes to be even more active in the late summer. The warm weather encourages growth and breeding as well as increasing food availability for mosquito larvae, leading to a sharp increase in the mosquito population.


During late summer, rodents such as house mice and Norway rats become more active as they seek shelter and food in preparation for the upcoming cooler months. With outdoor resources dwindling, these adaptable creatures are driven to enter homes and businesses, searching kitchens for whatever food they can steal.

Bed Bugs

Late summer is a time when many people end up with bed bug infestation. Although these pests are a year-round problem, there is a marked increase in infestations during the summer due to travel. Bedbugs can be found in vacation rentals, hotel beds, and on public transportation. These skilled hitchhikers latch onto luggage, clothing, and other personal items, making it easy for them to come home with you after your summer vacation.

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