The Bug Man presents a series on overwintering bugs. Stay tuned to our blog over the next several days as we dive into the details of how common middle Tennessee pests survive the winter!

Just because we can’t see bugs in the winter, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The bugs are overwintering! If you don’t see your neighbor all winter because he’s holed up inside his house with a heating blanket, does that mean that he doesn’t exist? If we don’t believe our neighbors disappear, why do we believe that bugs disappear?

Does the cold keep the bugs away

Not only do bugs not vanish in the winter, they often choose to “disappear” inside your house. Then, when spring flutters in, the bugs step on out and make an appearance in your kitchen or living room.

When the weather gets cold, bugs begin to overwinter. Basically, overwintering bugs go into survival mode to live through the season’s cold temperatures. For the cold-blooded insects, chilly times can be difficult for them. Because as the outdoor temperature drops, so does their internal temperature. They seek refuge in a warm, stable environment. Often, that ideal location is within the comforts of your tender Tennessee home.

However, because of the area of the country that we live in, the weather can fluctuate and can go from one temperature extreme to another, even in the winter. Just a few hours of warm temperatures in the midst of winter can cause a stir in the pest world. Bugs become befuddled and confused critters come out of cracks and crevices.

It’s for that very reason that we still recommend pest control even when it seems like there are no bugs. By skipping pest control in the winter months, homeowners can open themselves up to an invasion by letting pests get inside to overwinter.

At The Bug Man, we offer a Quarterly Pest Control service. It’s perfect for keeping your home pest-free* in all seasons. Call us at 615.217.7284 for details.

Seasonal Series: The cold and overwintering bugs in Central Tennessee

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