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When should rodent exclusion start in Central TN?

Rodents are much more difficult to get rid of than smaller pests like ants and beetles. In order to avoid a rodent infestation, you have to get ahead of it by starting prevention early. We believe that starting rodent control as early as August can greatly benefit Central TN home and business owners. Rodents will start to seek out shelter as soon as temperatures drop, so the end of summer is a good place to start with prevention. 

When should rodent exclusion start in Central TN; The Bug Man

When does rodent season begin?

Rodent season starts when temperatures begin dropping consistently. This could start anytime between August and October depending on your location. When rats and mice can sense that it’s getting colder, they will start to seek out a shelter to build a nest for the winter within. Their ideal conditions are warmth, seclusion, and proximal to a food source. This is why our buildings can offer perfect winter shelters. 

Why Do Rodents Break into our homes?

The most immediate reason for rodent infestations is that rats and mice are looking for warmth. Because they have so many natural predators around Central TN, they’re always on the lookout for places to hide. However, when winter comes, a simple hiding place doesn’t cut it anymore. They need to find warmth to live comfortably. Our insulated attics and walls provide a crucial source of warmth that can last them through the winter. As an added bonus, they can usually find access to food quickly once inside our homes. 

How to Get Ready for rodents in Central TN

You’ll probably have to start rodent prevention earlier than you’d like to ensure that rats and mice don’t take shelter in your yard this winter. The sooner you start to rodent-proof your property, the better your chances of avoiding an infestation become. Of course, the best way to make sure you don’t deal with rodents during their season is to work with a professional rodent control companyOur rodent control experts at The Bug Man can assess your property to find potential problems and correct them before rats and mice have a chance to take advantage.

When Should Rodent Exclusion Start in Central TN? in Central Tennessee

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