Ladybugs: Coming Soon to a Crevice Near You

Watch out for ladybugs after the first frost. Check out our blog for tips on how to keep these overwintering pests out of your home.

The ladybugs are coming! The ladybugs are coming! The polka-dotted redcoats of the pest world are readying their army so they can invade your homeland!

We’re here to sound the alarm that they are coming by air after the first frost (mid-late October). They will head straight for any cracks and crevices they see in the surface of your home, especially if the exterior of your home is lightly colored. Ladybugs target the warmest side of your house. This concept of moving inside when it gets cold is called overwintering.


Take up arms by calling The Bug Man at 615.217.7284 to do a preventative spray. Also, seal any crevices on the exterior of your home. Repair any holes in your doors, windows, screens, siding, etc., etc.

If you find yourself infested in a flurry of ladybug activity, vacuum up all of the ladybugs and then dispose of the bag because the decaying carcasses will attract other bugs into your home.

Ladybugs: Coming Soon to a Crevice Near You in Central Tennessee

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