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You don’t have to be a bird enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of the hummingbird. People all over the country set up special feeders to catch closer glimpses of our flitting friends. Unfortunately, a common problem with hummingbird feeders is that they attract ants as well. The same features that draw hummingbirds in create an ample food source for hungry pests.

Read on to learn more about why ants are attracted to hummingbird feeders and what you can do to make them leave your feeder alone.

Why Are Ants in My Hummingbird Feeder?

A hummingbird feeder works by enticing the hummingbird with sugar water. The problem with this is that sugar also happens to be an ant’s meal of choice. Ants tend to target sugary foods in general, so finding a container full of sugar is like hitting the jackpot for an ant colony.

One problem with having ants in your hummingbird feeder is that they don’t mind if they have to share. On the other hand, if a hummingbird finds a trail of ants stealing their sugar water, they will be much less likely to come back. To keep a steady stream of hummingbird visitors at your feeder, you have to find a way to keep ants out.

How to Avoid Ants in Your Bird Feeder

So, what is the best way to keep ants away from your hummingbird feeder? In truth, there are a variety of strategies you can use to keep your feeder protected. Paying attention to the path the ants are taking to reach the feeder will help you determine the best answer for your yard. Here are a few preemptive measures you can try:

  1. Keep it in the shade: If your feeder overheats in the sun, it can expand and allow the sugar water to drip down the sides, giving the ants a signal to find it.
  2. Check for spills: Any cracks or leaks in the feeder will allow ants to pick up on the scent of the sugar water. If you have an ant problem, there could be a tiny crack in your hummingbird feeder that you haven’t noticed.
  3. Use an ant trap: You can actually purchase ant traps specifically designed for hummingbird feeders. They allow the ants to discover the feeder but block them from accessing the sugar water.
  4. Hang it well: Try to find a place to hang your feeder that is outside of ant access. Hanging it on a fishing line will support the weight of the feeder while giving ants a difficult surface to crawl on.

Professional Ant Control in Central TN

An ant problem in your hummingbird feeder can quickly turn into an ant problem inside your house. If you can’t seem to avoid ants on your property in Central TN, reach out to your local pest control company to see how they can help. Our expert ant control specialists at The Bug Man can use efficient and exhaustive techniques to locate the sources of your infestation and ensure that it is put to a stop. For more information or a free quote on ant control, contact us today!

How to Keep Ants Away from Your Hummingbird Feeder in Central Tennessee

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