Fleas and Ticks driving you Wild?

Are Fleas and Ticks driving you wild this summer?

Calls for flea and tick control have been on the rise over the past few weeks here at The Bug Man office.  It is the prime season for the fleas and ticks to be on the hunt for a food source.  And with the pets outside, the camping trips planned, and the barbecue grills on overdrive, we are providing the fleas and ticks with an opportunity to attack.  Fleas and ticks share many of the same habitats and when we enter these areas unprotected, they will attack.

Where do fleas and ticks live, breed, and hide?

This is a great question, and with this knowledge, you can be better prepared to protect yourself and your family.  Fleas and ticks prefer shady areas, and are unable to complete their life cycles in direct sunlight.  They will be found in high brush, grasses, mulch areas, around bushes and trees, and can even be found under decks.  Unfortunately, these are the same places that most pets like to rest, to stay out of the sun.  We recommend keeping the grass trimmed, brush cut back, and the pet out from under the deck.  These steps will also help eliminate the harborage areas for the fleas and ticks.

Steps you can take to protect from fleas and ticks.

We do recommend when you venture outside to use an insect repellant (according to label directions), wear long sleeve shirts and pants, and tuck your pant legs into your socks.  These steps will help keep many of the fleas and ticks off of you.  When you return from your outdoor adventures, be sure to inspect for ticks that may have attached to you.  They like to find all the nooks and crannies, so inspect well.

What can The Bug Man do to help prevent Fleas and Ticks?

The Bug Man now offers a preventative flea and tick add-on service that can be combined with our 4 Seasons Pest Service.  This has been a very popular service and offers peace of mind and is just pennies per day.  Our trained service technicians inspect and apply flea and tick treatments to key locations around the structure where the pests habitats are found.

Fleas and Ticks driving you Wild in Central Tennessee

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