Fleas hatching under ten seconds and infest your house

Fleas are fierce this year! It’s the middle of October and we are still receiving numerous calls about flea infestations!

Here are a few flea facts of life:

* Although fleas need to eat within a week of merging into the adult stage, they can survive 2-3 years between meals

* A female flea can lay up to 5,000 eggs in her lifetime

* Once a flea senses that a blood meal is present, it can hatch out in under 10 seconds

Under 10 seconds? That’s pretty quick! We’ve even read studies that say that the fleas can hatch in under 2 seconds!

What else can happen in 2 or 10 seconds?

* We can pump 3/4 a gallon of gas in 10 seconds

* Most caution lights (the yellow light between green and red) last approximately 2 seconds

* A cheetah can get up to 68 mph in around 2 seconds

* Sprinter Usain Bolt can run the 100 meter dash in under 10 seconds

If you find yourself with fleas, don’t let the time tick away. Call us at the office at 615.217.7284. We can schedule a treatment for the interior of your home and for your yard.

Fast Facts: Fleas Can Hatch in Under 10 Seconds in Central Tennessee

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