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Rodent baits vs snap traps

Snap traps and bait stations are two of the most common choices for DIY rodent removal in Central TN. While both of these options can help put a stop to your rodent infestation, they also each have drawbacks that are important to know about. Consider the following when picking your choice of rodent trapping technology:

  • Where the rats or mice are on your property
  • Risk of exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Amount of help from professionals
Snap Trap | Rodent Treatment

Differences between Rodent Baits and Snap Traps

Snap traps are the name for the traditional mouse trap that we all know about. They are simple machines: some form of bait is attached to a pressure-triggered plate that releases a bar to deliver a fatal, trapping strike. Bait stations work by luring in rats and mice with a toxic bait that smells and tastes like food they would enjoy. The chemicals within kill the rodent within two days. 

Should I use Bait Stations or snap traps?

Choosing between rodent traps and rodent baits means weighing a few different factors. If you know the precise location of the rodent nests, using traps will help you tell right away when you’ve caught one. However, these traps are ineffective when you don’t place them in the right areas. Rodent bait stations are the better option for inaccessible nests or situations where do you don’t know where they’re hiding. The downside with these, though, is that you won’t know exactly when they’ve been caught. It comes down to choosing between wanting to handle the toxic materials and having to handle a dead rat or mouse when you hear the trap go off. 

Safest rodent baiting option in Central TN

If you don’t want to deal with toxic baits or handle dead rats yourself, your best bet is to call your local rodent control experts to help determine the best way to move forward. Our team at The Bug Man is trained to quickly assess properties to find the safest and most effective way to deal with rodent infestations. We can set our own traps or baits to ensure that all rodents on the property are dealt with.

Rodent Baits vs Snap Traps in Central Tennessee

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