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Do DIY mouse traps work?

We often think of the classic snapping mouse trap soon after we discover a mouse infestation in our homes, but there are other options for mouse traps that are homemade and easy to construct! The type of mouse trap you use should change based on the size of your infestation, so it’s important to know what you have to choose from. DIY mouse traps do work, but only when made and used properly.
Do DIY mouse traps work in Central TN; The Bug Man

Options for DIY Mouse Traps

There are plenty of different strategies besides the classic snapping trap that you can take to get rid of mice in your home or business. The ramp and bucket maneuver is one of the most popular and practical. Set up a ramp to lean up to a bucket with peanut butter spread on a cylindrical beam laid across the top. The mouse will try to get to the peanut butter by walking on the beam and fall into the bucket. It will be unable to climb up the slippery walls and be rendered trapped. Similar practices involve placing bait in bottles or under a bowl paired with a wire-tripping trap.

The Dangers of Poison-Based Mouse Traps

Many of the mouse trapping options that you can buy in stores use harmful chemicals to trap mice. The toxins within kill rats and mice, but they can also be harmful to humans. These types of products are unsafe to be used around children and pets. If you feel the need to use a toxic product to trap mice, the safer option is to turn to a professional rodent control technician for help instead. 

Most Reliable Mouse Trapping Approach

The benefits of professional mouse control processes extend beyond safety—you’re also much more likely to see success in stopping your rodent infestation swiftly and completely. Homemade mouse traps don’t account for the adaptability of rodents and lack the nuanced approach of an experienced rodent control technician. Contact The Bug Man today to learn about how our technicians can help you.

Do DIY Mouse Traps Work? in Central Tennessee

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