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Are rat bait stations safe?

Rat bait stations are commonly chosen as the main method of rodent removal in homes and businesses around Central TN. These bait stations use a bait that attracts rats into a small, enclosed area that holds a poison, eventually killing the rat. Rodents even bring these baits back to their nests where other rats are poisoned as well. Although these are effective, they aren’t completely safe when used by someone other than a professional rodent control tech.

Are rat bait stations safe in Central TN; The Bug Man

How does a rat bait station work?

Rat bait stations work by luring in hungry rats with the scent of food. The bait placed inside the station will look and smell just like something rats want to eat, but it will actually contain chemicals that are toxic to the rat. The rat will either eat the bait there or bring it back to their nest where more rats are poisoned. It takes one to two days after ingestion for the rat to die. 

Downsides of Rat Bait Stations

Rat bait stations contain toxic chemicals that are also dangerous for humans. If you handle the bait station incorrectly and come in contact with the bait, you could be accidentally poisoned. These baits are toxic to both rats and humans upon ingestion. When you use a rat bait station, you have to make sure to keep the bait stored in a place where no pets or children can access it. 

Another downside to using rat bait stations is that they may not always be effective. The rats have to stumble upon and engage with the bait station in order for it to work. Leaving your bait stations is the right places is crucial, and this isn’t quite so easy to do. 

Professional Alternatives to a Rodent Bait Station

To avoid the hazards of setting up rat bait stations on your own, it’s important to work with a professional rodent control technician. Whether through assisted bait station placement or more targeted, professional rodent control procedures, professional rodent removal experts can make sure that all of the rats or mice living in your home are ushered out with safe and effective practices.

Are Rat Bait Stations Safe in Central Tennessee

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