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Do rats or mice bite?

Rodents certainly bear a formidable set of teeth, but they very rarely bite people. Healthy rats and mice would much rather run away than confront anyone that they consider to be dangerous. Here’s what to know about their bites:

  • Rodent bites are rare, but they can occur if they feel threatened or if they are rabid. 
  • Mice are less likely to bite people than rats.
  • Rodent bites can lead to infections and diseases in rare cases.
  • Infected rodent bites lead to pain, redness, and swelling in many cases.
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What Happens after a rat bite?

Rats usually only bite when they’re cornered or feel that they’re in serious danger. This can happen when someone tries to cage or trap them somehow. Rat bites can draw blood if they reach deep enough. The main concern with rodent bites, though, is the risk of contracting a disease. Some rats’ saliva can hold dangerous diseases. Additionally, in rare cases, victims of a deer mouse bite can contract Hantavirus. 

Signs & Symptoms of Rat Bites

It’s important to seek medical attention after a rat bite, no matter what your symptoms are. These are the most common rat bite symptoms:

  • Redness and swelling at the bite area
  • Mild pain around the bite
  • The bite might become filled with pus if it is infected
  • In the case of bacterial infections like rat-bite fever, more serious symptoms will develop up to a week after the bite. These could include joint pain, muscle aches, fever, rashes, vomiting, and ulcers.

Do All Rodents Bite Humans?

Not all rodents are known to bite people. As is the case with most animals, rats and mice will bite if they’re under extreme duress. In general, it’s best to avoid approaching rats and mice in your home to keep your chances of experiencing dangerous rat or mouse bite symptoms low. You can always count on your local rodent exterminators to help get rid of the rats or mice in your home or business.

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