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Are mice dangerous?

Although they may not always appear as such, rodents are dangerous to have around because of the structural damage they can cause. Rats and mice can both make a serious mess in our homes and business through nesting, chewing, and leaving behind waste. Here’s what to know about the dangers mice and rats pose:

  • Rats and mice will chew on anything from structural beams to wooden furniture, to electrical wiring, and more.
  • Rodents will tear through insulation and other materials in your home to build nests.
  • Certain kinds of rats and mice will create tunnels underneath or inside your home to get back and forth from their nest and food.
Are mice dangerous in Central TN; The Bug Man

Damage that Mice And Rats cause

Rats and mice are able to cause a lot more damage in your home than you might expect. Some studies have even suggested that rats are one of the most destructive pests in the world. This is backed by the dangers they pose when infesting businesses, especially in the food industry. Large rodent infestations can lead to electrical fires and damage to expensive machinery, leading to shutdowns, recalls, and more. In addition to this damage, it can also be hazardous to deal with their droppings and urine.

Why Do Rats Have to Chew Wires?

Rats are infamous for chewing through everything they see. Unfortunately for us, this chewing is actually a necessity for them. This is because of their incisor teeth that continue to grow for their entire lives. To whittle them down and prevent overgrowth, rats and mice chew through wood, insulation, and many more types of materials. The main concern coming from this is that rats and mice can cause electrical fires when they chew through wires. This can lead to dangerous fires and appliances short-circuiting.

Dangers Rats and Mice Pose in Central TN

Rodents are one of the most dangerous kinds of pests in Central TN because of the extent of the damage they can cause. They are also justifiably feared for their ability to spread diseases and contamination. To protect your family or your business from the dangers of rodents, it’s crucial to team up with your local rodent exterminator.

Are Mice Dangerous in Central Tennessee

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