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Rodents are widely regarded as a nuisance, but an infestation of rats or mice can actually pose threats of health concerns and property damage. By nature, rodents are destructive animals—their nesting and chewing regularly cause messes and structurally damage homes. Worse than that, they are capable of carrying and spreading a number of dangerous diseases. Rodents contaminate surfaces throughout your home, spreading germs and bacteria.

Rodent infestations come with several dangers to be wary of, making it crucial to hire the experts at The Bug Man to implement prevention services.

Why Are Rodents Dangerous?

Rodents like to stay out of sight. Rats and mice are non-confrontational and typically will avoid any contact with humans. When they are seen, they usually scamper out of view and back into hiding. In the rare case that someone gets bitten by a rat, it’s important to seek out medical attention quickly. Mice and rat droppings can be quite dangerous, too. While rare, rat feces can spread dangerous diseases, some of which we will cover shortly. Their knawing habits can be dangerous due to the damage they cause.

What Diseases Do Rodents Spread?

The main danger associated with rodents is their ability to spread diseases. Although these are rare, some of the diseases that rodents transmit include:

  • Salmonellosis: a disease that spreads through rat feces that can contaminate food
  • Hantavirus: a life-endangering disease that rodents pass on to humans, commonly found in the white-footed deer mouse
  • Bubonic Plague: historically referred to as the “Black Death”, the Plague is an extremely contagious and deadly disease that killed one-third of the European population during the Middle Ages
  • Rat-Bite Fever (RBF): a potentially fatal infectious disease, caught by exposure to rodents that carry it or contaminated food

Dangers of Mice and Rats in Central TN

If you have a rodent issue in your home, you can’t waste a second getting rid of them. Although rats and mice have the potential to spread a number of dangerous diseases, the real threat of an infestation lies in the destruction and mess they can cause! To protect yourself against the many dangers that rodents can bring to your Central TN area property, call the rodent control professionals at The Bug Man. Contact us today for a free quote!

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