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Is Mosquito Treatment Safe?

There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Some treatments are more effective than others. Many all-natural treatments are perfectly safe because they’re made of non-toxic substances like essential oils. The problem is that while they’re very safe, they’re not very effective. Generally, the most effective mosquito treatments are chemical-based sprays and barrier treatments. While these treatments are highly effective, you may be wondering: are they safe?

In this article, we’ll answer the burning question: Is mosquito treatment safe? Can you treat your yard for mosquitoes with highly effective treatments without risking harm to your landscape, your pets, and your family?

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Is Professional Mosquito Treatment Safe?

Professional mosquito control is safe. While the chemical compounds can be harmful to humans and animals in high doses, you can be sure that the treatment itself is 100% safe. That’s because our highly experienced technicians are trained to handle them safely and securely. We use only EPA-approved products, and we deliver them in targeted areas to ensure outstanding results with minimal risk.

Can Mosquito Treatment Harm Plants?

Mosquito treatments can harm plants if misused, but our technicians are trained to properly apply them in the correct doses and areas. 

If you’re still concerned, there are some precautions you can take to clear these pests without hurting your plants or beneficial insects. It’s generally best to avoid any DIY mosquito treatments, as these are often untested and can harm people and plants alike.

Can Mosquito Spray Harm Humans or Pets?

The EPA constantly monitors and approves pesticides that are safe for residential mosquito treatments. However, you should be aware that even a safe pesticide can be dangerous when handled improperly. That’s why it’s always important to follow instructions exactly.

The Safest Mosquito Treatment with Central TN

The safest and most effective mosquito treatments will always be delivered by a professional exterminator. That’s because exterminators are thoroughly trained on how to use the treatments.

At The Bug Man, we provide reliable and safe results and peace of mind for you.

Is Mosquito Treatment Safe? in Central Tennessee

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