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Is Mosquito Treatment Safe?

You may have heard of mosquito sprays and barrier treatments, both products aimed to clear yards of mosquito infestations. They’re generally effective, but you may be wondering – are they safe? Can you treat your mosquitoes without harming your yard, pets, or family members?

When you seek pest treatment through an expert like the ones at The Bug Man, you can rest easy knowing that these chemicals are being handled with safety first and foremost in mind. Our technicians use EPA-approved products, and with extensive training to deliver outstanding results with minimal risk.

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Is Mosquito Yard Treatment Safe?

If you’re hesitant about treating your yard for mosquitoes, it may be due to the potential of damaging your garden or plants. Luckily, there are some precautions you can take to clear these pests without hurting your plants or any beneficial insects. It’s generally best to avoid any DIY mosquito treatments, as these are often untested and can harm people and plants alike. Instead, you should consider a treatment that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA.

Can Mosquito Spray Harm Humans or Pets?

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a variety of pesticides that are safe for residential mosquito treatments. But even a safe pesticide has its dangers when it’s handled improperly. If you don’t know how to use the chemical, you run the risk of hurting your yard’s ecosystem, as well as your family or pets.

Always follow instructions to a T. Never use pest control products outside of their intended parameters.

The Safest Mosquito Treatment in Central TN

The best thing you can do to safely get rid of mosquitos on your property is to leave the work to a professional exterminator. At The Bug Man, our technicians are certified, trained, and licensed specifically to work with mosquito control products in a way that is safe and effective. We can provide more reliable results, and a way to live pest-free with little effort on your behalf. 

Is Mosquito Treatment Safe?

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