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How Long Will Mosquito Treatment Last?

There’s no definitive answer to the question of “how long does mosquito treatment last?”, but for the most part they tend to last up to two months. It could be shorter than that depending on the weather in our area, the size and scope of infestation, or the environment of your property. At The Bug Man, we’ll create a mosquito repellent plan that suits the needs of your home regardless of the circumstances. 

What we care about is keeping your yard pest-free* throughout the year, and to make that happen we may need multiple treatments.

Mosquitoes in air near people

Will I Need More Than One Mosquito Treatment?

If you need strong protection from mosquitoes all spring and summer, one mosquito treatment might not cut it. The average mosquito control solution is only going to last for around a month before degrading, weakening the barrier between you and these bloodsucking pests. That’s why we always suggest continued treatment to protect you from mosquitos. 

How Often Do I Need to Treat My Yard For Mosquitoes?

While we’re always here to provide you with comprehensive and effective mosquito treatment, there are still steps you can take to be proactive in keeping your yard free of pests. To control the growth of mosquitoes outside your home, you can:

  • Tour your yard every week, looking for signs of mosquito activity.
  • Empty or cover any containers holding still or stagnant water. 
  • Use a fan when outside to circulate air and dissuade insects from gathering.

Mosquito Treatment Timeline

The best time to seek mosquito treatment is just around the start of spring, which for residents of Central TN tends to be early April. When you come to The Bug Man, we will send an expert to perform an initial treatment that’s customized to your property. From that point on we will determine the best time to re-treat, which could be between 4-6 weeks. But, if you don’t experience pest-free* rely within that initial month or so, we’re only a call away to find and resolve the problem.

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last? in Central Tennessee

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