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How Effective is Mosquito Treatment?

When it comes to mosquito treatment, you want something that’s effective and you can rely on, but are you supposed to know what you’re getting when there are so many different options on the market?

The truth is that if you want effective mosquito treatment that will definitely work, professional mosquito treatment is the best way to go. DIY mosquito treatments are too hit-or-miss to trust.

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Does Spraying For Mosquitoes Actually Work?

Spraying for mosquitoes is a tactic used by DIYers and professionals alike. The difference is that professionals often know exactly where to apply the treatment, whereas DIYers tend to spray it all over and hope for the best. So yes, spraying for mosquitoes can work, and the likelihood increases the more you know about mosquitoes’ habits and lifecycle.

One of the most effective professional mosquito treatments is barrier treatment. This is accomplished by spraying in targeted, mosquito-heavy areas around your home with the goal of killing adult mosquitoes and preventing new eggs from hatching. As every home is host to their unique mosquito hotspots, our barrier treatment is customized to every property we serve.

Is Mosquito Repellent Effective?

Just as there are numerous mosquito treatments on the market, there are even more mosquito repellants, and they vary in effectiveness and reliability. Mosquito repellants are best used for short periods of time when you know you’re going to be outside and vulnerable to mosquitoes. 

We recommend using an EPA-registered mosquito repellant that contains either DEET or picaridin as the active ingredient. These are repeatedly shown to be most effective. All-natural mosquito repellants can still have some effectiveness, but they won’t do the job like DEET or picaridin-based repellants.

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Treatment

DIY mosquito treatment can be effective, but it’s a gamble. You’ll have to do some research, come up with a plan, apply treatments, and make sure they’re working. Hiring a professional pest control company like The Bug Man allows you to sit back and relax because you know you’re going to get results. 

If you’re worried about mosquitoes this year, don’t get stressed. Get help – from a professional mosquito control company. Call The Bug Man today so you can rest easy in a mosquito-free environment.

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