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DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

Crushed lavender. Tea tree oil. Baking soda and vinegar – and, of course, endless forms of citronella. There is no shortage of DIY mosquito repellents showcased online, but do any of them actually work? And, if so, can they be used in the place of professional mosquito extermination? 

The Bug Man is well aware of the services we offer versus that solutions the internet proposes, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s explain the distinction below.

essential oils like this are tempting to try as a mosquito repellent

Can You Get Rid of Mosquitoes Yourself?

This is a question that many homeowners in Central TN have asked themselves. And the answer is, partially. You can make changes around your property that will make it less hospitable to mosquitoes and lower your risk of a serious infestation. If you eliminate or cover sources of standing water in places like birdbaths, pools, planters and more, you’re taking away a major potential breeding ground. You can also incorporate outdoor fans to circulate air and keep mosquitoes from gathering. 

But what if you already have an influx of mosquitos in your yard? Is there a way to eradicate them without the use of chemicals or a professional exterminator?

Do DIY Mosquito Sprays Work?

Many tout the power of essential oils, organic minerals, and other natural ingredients when it comes to treating mosquitoes. Unfortunately, there’s no study showing that any of these ingredients are genuinely effective at any form of pest control. Even citronella, the main non-chemical alternative to DEET, only works to repel mosquitoes for a few hours. If you want real results, you want a professional like the team at The Bug Man.

Homemade vs. Professional Mosquito Treatment

It’s possible to use a natural solution to repel or kill off a few mosquitos. But if you want an entirely effective solution – if you want to interrupt the mosquito life cycle – it will take more than essential oils. 

When you seek mosquito extermination through The Bug Man, we use highly effective treatments and apply them in a way that’ll get rid of these pests without harming your yard or family. Once we’re done you’ll know for certain that you can enjoy your yard mosquito-free.

DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

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