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DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

The internet offers dozens of DIY mosquito treatment options, but which ones can you trust to work? Not all of these methods are equally helpful in combating these pesky insects, while some may work in certain situations but not others.

So, is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes yourself? If not, what should you do? What should you know about DIY mosquito treatments?

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Can You Get Rid of Mosquitoes Yourself?

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: Some outdoor mosquito infestations are so deeply embedded in a landscape that DIY mosquito treatment won’t work. The best you’ll be able to do is reduce mosquito populations, but even then, they’re likely to return when the next lifecycle regenerates. 

Some of the best ways to prevent or eliminate mosquitoes on your property include:

  • Get rid of standing water that they use to lay their eggs 
  • Keep your yard neat and tidy to reduce hiding places
  • Install a fan or two on your patio to deter them from coming near your space

Do DIY Mosquito Repellant Sprays Work?

Essential oils are useful for many things – is mosquito repellant one of them? Maybe. 

Lavender oil, citronella oil, and other strong scents can disorient insects and make it more challenging for them to locate you. However, essential oils are not as effective as an EPA-registered repellent. Also, note that essential oils only work to repel mosquitoes for a few hours at a time.

If you want to try to make a DIY mosquito spray, dilute the essential oils with water and perform a patch test on your skin to make sure you’re not allergic.

DIY Mosquito Treatment vs. Professional Mosquito Treatment

Natural remedies can keep mosquitoes at bay for short periods of time – and they may even kill off a small number of insects. But if it’s a stubborn infestation that won’t go away, nothing works better than professional mosquito control

Experts know how to use the mosquitoes’ biology against them to disrupt their life cycle – and unfortunately, that’s a process that takes more than essential oils.

If you are struggling with mosquitoes on your property, call The Bug Man! We apply personalized treatments that are tailored to your property, lifestyle, and family. Contact us to get immediate protection against mosquitoes.

DIY Mosquito Treatment Options in Central Tennessee

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