Vile Vermin Became Furry Friends

Disney casts a lot of rodents as characters in their movies. We highlight a few of the fabled characters in our latest blog. Leave us a comment if we forgot one. It’s been rodent season for awhile. And it’s still rodent season today! Mice are still on the move. Rats are still on the run.

The RescuersWith mice on our minds for the last several months, we’ve had time to ruminate on just how many rodents show up in movies. Especially Disney movies! Let’s see. We’ve got The Rescuers. The crew of helpful mice in Cinderella. Then Ratatouille. And there are probably more that we’re missing. (Leave a comment below if we forgot a movie.)

Update: We forgot Mickey and Minnie! Thanks to those who left a comment.

In those fabled films, the rodents are the heroes! They are celebrated and cheered on! Humans are sometimes painted as antagonists. Movie-watchers can find themselves hoping that the human is defeated and the rodent rallies for a win.

How funny that rodents are usually jeered in reality. With all of the lovable Disney rodent characters out there, it leaves us wondering if people feel a sense of guilt or sadness when trying to keep rodents out of their homes.

Do you feel like you’re denying a proverbial Gus-Gus a chance at life if you call The Bug Man? Are you breaking up the storied romance of Bernard and Miss Bianca if you tell us you need a service call for mice? And what about poor Remy the rat? Is he helping you cook your family feast?

If you’re not fond of rodents in your house, give us a call at 615.217.7284. We will help you have a happily ever after.

Mice in the Movies: Vile Vermin Became Furry Friends in Central Tennessee

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