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It’s normal to see wasp nests or beehives when out hiking or in the wilderness, but what about when they’re built right next to your home? Nests can become unsafe in areas of heavy human activity. Some of these stinging insects can take aggressive measures to defend their nests, making it important to call a professional wasp exterminator to help remove them. It’s never a good idea to remove wasp or hornet nests on your own without experience.

Wasp and hornet nest removal is best left to a licensed professional pest control company such as The Bug Man. You can trust that our experts will keep your family safe from stings.

When to Remove a Nest

As a rule, it’s best to keep away from any kind of bee, wasp, or hornet nest. Even if the nest looks to be empty, there could always be more individuals lingering inside. Some species are more aggressive than others, and it can be difficult to predict when they will take defensive action. When their nests are in high-traffic locations, bees and wasps could feel threatened and be triggered to defend their nest very easily. Nests can be even more threatening in the late summer and fall months, as populations outgrow the size of their nests and it becomes harder to find resources.

What Does a Wasp Nest Look Like?

Wasp nest identification infographic in Central TN - The Bug Man


Can You Remove Wasp Nests Yourself?

Even if you think the wasp nest is small enough to deal with alone, it’s never smart to do so. As mentioned previously, nests usually hold more insects inside than you think. It’s recommended to enlist the help of a wasp exterminator when you’re dealing with a nest that’s larger than the size of your fist. A specialist should always be brought in to remove wasp and hornet nests safely and humanely, which is why you should always reach out to your local experts.

Hornet Nest Removal in Central TN

Bees, wasps, and hornets are commonly found around Central TN. Unfortunately, their nests can be dangerous when built near residential or commercial properties. When you call the team at The Bug Man for nest removal services, we will conduct a complete inspection to identify the nest and species of insect. Our nest removal technicians will relocate the nest on the spot or return at a more safe or convenient time. For a free quote or to inquire about same-day nest removal services, contact us today!

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Bee, Wasp, & Hornet Nest Removal in Central Tennessee

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