4 Seasons Pest Services

Ants in the spring, spiders in the summer, Asian Lady Beetles in the fall, or mice in the winter, The Bug Man has you covered with our 4 Seasons coverage!

The Bug Man provides seasonal pest services focusing on a specific series of pest issues during each service visit. The treatment strategy changes depending on seasonal weather conditions and pest pressures. Spring, summer, fall, and winter all pose different pest issues and require different treatment strategies. Your trained technician will provide an inspection and prescription treatment for the specific issues discovered at each quarterly service visit.


In the spring, everything is either waking up from its winter slumber or new life is emerging. Those April showers have a way of driving all of the activity right inside your home. Ants and roaches come from nowhere and throw parties in the bathrooms and kitchens.


Then, the dog days of summer arrive and bring with them an invasion of spider, cricket, silverfish, centipede and millipede activities. We can help to keep these pests away from your home at this time.


Fall brings our temperatures down and the Asian Lady Beetle (ladybug) and the boxelder beetles take over your home. Additionally, in the Fall, mice and wasps start looking for places to winter; they begin preparing their nests.


Winter pests are some of the most important to keep under control. During the cold, these pests begin their burrowing for the season. We will inspect, treat, and eliminate common nesting areas to prevent a pest invasion when the weather warms up again.

Specialty Pest Services

(extra fees may apply)

4 Seasons Pest Control Murfreesboro TN

Flea and Tick Prevention

The Bug Man offers a flea and tick prevention program for our 4 Seasons Pest Program. When added to your program, our certified technician will inspect and treat areas around the exterior of your home that could be breeding and nesting sites for fleas or ticks. In the unlikely event your home becomes infested, interior treatments will be provided at no extra charge. If you have pets, this may just be the service that you and your furry friend will enjoy!

4 Seasons Pest Control Murfreesboro TN

Brown Recluse

The brown recluse spider can be identified by the dark violin-shaped pattern on its body. They dwell in dark areas of homes and barns and build their webs low to the ground as they tend to rely on prey they hunt rather than snag in their web. Brown recluses typically enter the home through cracks in doors and windows or simply by being carried into the home inside a box or any other object being transferred from the outdoors to the inside. Treatment strategies for a brown recluse infestation differ depending on infestation level and the location of treatment. Aside from professional treatment, we suggest eliminating clutter in order to remove areas for them to hide. Also, glue traps along likely entrance areas can help keep them from infesting your home while also alerting you to their existence or of any other pest seeking shelter in your home and pinpointing the areas needing to be treated.

4 Seasons Pest Control Murfreesboro TN

Black Widow

The black widow spider can be identified by the red hourglass shape on their shiny black body. They prefer to live secluded in dark areas, such as crevices, woodpiles, garages, dark corners, basements, closets, and cluttered areas. As we recommend for any other insect, eliminating its key hiding areas and laying down glue traps along entry areas help pinpoint the problem areas as well as alert you that you have a black widow infestation. Once our professional team gets rid of the existing spiders, prevention treatments can be put in place to keep them from returning to your home.

4 Seasons Pest Control Murfreesboro TN

German Cockroach

Recognized by their light brown or tan color and two black stripes located behind the head, the German cockroach is one of the most problematic roaches in Tennessee. They are commonly found indoors and take shelter in warm, humid areas. Unlike some species of cockroaches, the german cockroach has wings but will typically will run rather than fly. In addition to any crumbs or dirty dishes, they will eat almost anything, including household items like toothpaste or notebooks. Signs of an infestation are usually droppings which appear as a dark “pepper-like” substance left off in drawers, cabinets, or countertops. You may also be able to recognize an infestation from the musty odor they leave behind. German cockroaches reproduce quickly and have very few predators indoors, making professional treatment necessary.

Pests are relentless, and so is The Bug Man.

With our 4 Seasons Pest Program, we have your family protected all year long. Contact us to learn more about keeping your home pest free year round.