Termite Season is once again knocking at the door

Termite season will arrive in just a few weeks. When the weather breaks, the termites will begin to swarm. Swarming is when the new reproductive termites take flight looking for a new place to call home. The termite swarm will usually occur on a sunny, humid morning. Once the termites have swarmed, they find a … (read more)

Honey Bee Swarms – HELP is here!

How can we help the honey bee? We have asked ourselves this question here at The Bug Man for many years.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in our business, this basically means to be successful at our jobs while making the smallest impact on our environment possible.  Each year, we receive calls reporting honey … (read more)

Murfreesboro Jazz Festival May 2-3, 2014

The Bug Man proudly supports the MainStreet Murfreesboro Jazz Festival With spring in the air, what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than a weekend of jazz music and carnival food while sitting in the grass in the Historic Downtown Murfreesboro Square?  The Southeast Tourism Society has named Main Street JazzFest one of the … (read more)

Termite Season is here in Middle Tennessee

It is termite season in Middle Tennessee, are you ready? Every Spring, as the temperatures warm and the rains fall, a tiny insect wakens.  This tiny insect, know as the subterranean termite, emerges from inside walls, floors, trees, and the ground to make a mating flight and begin a new life as the king and … (read more)

Ticks and Lyme Disease: Put the Lyme in the Coconut and Call Me in the Morning

Now, let us get it straight, you got the lyme disease from the ticks and now your neck hurts? Put a lime in the coconut and call us in the morning to set up an appointment to treat your yard for ticks! Did we stretch that comparison too much? 🙂 With this year’s super-abundance of … (read more)

How Acorns are Contributing to More Ticks This Year

Did you know that 2010’s acorn crop is contributing to this year’s increase in ticks? It’s not the early hot weather that we’ve had. It’s acorns! While browsing Twitter the other day, we came across a story that the National Pest Management Association (@PestWorld) tweeted. To read their full article on the topic, you can follow this link: Acorns, Not Weather, to … (read more)

The Bug Man Wins Fourth Ruthie Award for Favorite Pest Control Company

The 2011 Ruthies results are in! Ladies and gents, we won! For the fourth consecutive year, The Bug Man won first place in the Favorite Pest Control Company category of the Daily News Journal’s Ruthies awards. The 2011Ruthies results are in! Ladies and gents, we won! For the fourth consecutive year, The Bug Man won first place in … (read more)

Voting for the 2011 #Ruthies is Coming to an End

The voting for the #ruthies is coming to a close on August 28. Thanks to all who have voted. With less than a week to go, let’s keep on voting!Throughout August, we’ve been rounding up our friends, family and fans for support as we go after our fourth Ruthie award for Favorite Pest Control Company. We are so … (read more)

Stink Bugs on the Rise in Middle Tennessee

Tennessee, as well as 32 other states in America, are dealing with the rotten reality of stink bug infestations. When considering the odoriferous occasional invader that is the stink bug, they can be described much like Mr. Grinch: “The three words that describe you are as follows, and I quote, ‘Stink, Stank, Stunk!’” Tennessee, as … (read more)