Mice in the Movies: Vile Vermin Became Furry Friends

Disney casts a lot of rodents as characters in their movies. We highlight a few of the fabled characters in our latest blog. Leave us a comment if we forgot one. It’s been rodent season for awhile. And it’s still rodent season today! Mice are still on the move. Rats are still on the run. With … (read more)

Rats! I’ve got mice! Tips and Tricks for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

Rodents are rapidly running inside homes this holiday season. Check out our blog for tips and tricks on how to keep them out. Baby, it’s cold outside. And, just in time for your holiday gatherings, rodents are moving inside your home to steal a meal. To rodent-proof your home, here are a few tips and … (read more)

Cooler Weather Brings Rodents Inside: How to Oust the House Mouse Louse

Cooler breather is bringing pests inside, especially rodents. Check out this blog for quick tips on pest proofing your home. As cooler weather chills our climate, the temperature isn’t the only brisk thing around. Rodents are beginning to scurry inside warm houses to hunker down for the winter. With the ability to squeeze through holes … (read more)