Mosquito Management

Mosquito Service offered by The Bug Man

You have spent time and money to create an enjoyable outdoor living space for your family. Don’t let the pesky mosquitoes chase you indoors. The Bug Man will help defend your yard!

Whether you’re having a family event, your children are playing outside, or you’re just wanting to relax: There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your yard and being chased inside by the mosquitoes. Not to worry, we can help you!!

The Bug Man has you covered when it comes to mosquitoes. First, we will inspect for breeding sites to ensure that those little suckers can’t multiply. Then, we apply a plant friendly product to the bushes, trees, and other areas where the mosquitoes rest!

Our monthly program is the best way to keep the mosquito population at bay during the warmer months. However, we can also perform a one-time service for those special events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and holiday barbecues!