4 Seasons Pest Services

Ants in the Spring, spiders in the Summer, Asian Lady Beetles in the fall, or mice in the winter, The Bug Man has you covered with our 4 Seasons coverage!

The Bug Man provides seasonal pest service focusing on a specific series of pest issues during each service visit.  The treatment strategy changes depending on seasonal weather conditions and pest pressures.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all pose different pest issues and treatment strategies.  Your trained technician will provide inspection and a prescription treatment for the specific issues discovered at each quarterly service visit.

In the Spring, everything is either waking up from their Winter slumber or new life is emerging.  Those April showers have a way of driving all of that activity right inside your home.  Ants and roaches come from nowhere and throw a mini-party in the bathrooms and kitchens.  Then, the dog days of Summer arrive and bring with it an invasion of spider, cricket, silverfish, centipede and millipede activity.  Fall brings our temperatures down and the Asian Lady Beetle (ladybug) and the boxelder beetles take over your home.  Also, in the Fall, the mice and wasps start looking for a place to over-winter; they start preparing their nests for the Winter.  Finally, Winter pests are the ones that you can’t see, but most important to keep under control to lessen the Spring activity.  They burrow under the leaf litter and other areas around your home to hibernate from the cold.

Winter can be the most important service, as this is the time the pests are burrowing in for the season.  They will build their nests in crawl spaces, attics, indoor plants, and anywhere else they can find shelter from the cold.  The Bug Man will inspect, treat and eliminate these nesting areas to prevent a pest invasion when the weather warms up.  Our service is guaranteed, if pests return, then please give us a call.  We will be happy to return at no cost to you while on our program.

Flea Prevention

The Bug Man offers a flea prevention program for our 4 Seasons Pest Program.  When added to your program, our certified technician will inspect and treat areas around the exterior of your home that could be breeding and nesting sites for fleas.  While under the flea prevention program, in the unlikely event that your home becomes infested with fleas, interior flea control treatments will be provided at no extra charge.  If you have pets, this may just be a service that you and your furry friend will enjoy.

The pests are relentless, and so is The Bug Man.  With our 4 Seasons Pest Program, we have your family protected all year long.