Bed Bugs! What You Need to Know

Bed bugs are being discovered on a daily basis here in the Middle Tennessee region. In houses, apartments, hotels and even retail outlets, it appears that everyone is a target. Bed bugs have been feeding on humans since the beginning of recorded history. The bed bugs were nearly eliminated from the United States until the … (read more)

Reasons Why Bug Bombs Aren’t Effective

Although lots of people call us at the first sign of a pest invasion, still others call us as a last resort after they’ve set off multiple “bug bombs” in their homes. We may know the reasons why bug bombs aren’t effective, but our customers don’t always know those reasons. Not only are the fogging … (read more)

When You Travel This Summer, Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Back With You

Summer is almost here! We’ve already had an active year in the pest world because of our mild winter. Now, as we gear up for summer vacation travel, there are is yet another pest to be aware of: Bed bugs! As we have talked about in previous blogs, bed bugs are making a comeback (see the end … (read more)

How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

We’re receiving more calls than ever about bed bugs. There is lots of information out there on the internet about bed bugs. What’s the best way to get rid of bed bugs? Our blog offers helpful advice on what to do when you encounter them. Bed bugs have made a comeback in a REALLY BIG … (read more)

An Open Letter to Traveling Musicians

Lindsay–our social media gal and former member of the Christian publishing arena–shares her cares and concerns for traveling musicians. Why? Bed bugs. That’s why. Although musicians live lives of notoriety, that does not make them immune to the threat of bed bugs. Those hitchhiking blood suckers show no favoritism. They don’t care who you are or what … (read more)

Snug as a Bed Bug in a Rug: Tips for Dealing with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are back! Read our blog for tips and tricks for the prevention and removal of bed bugs.Sad but true, bed bugs are back to haunt you. Although bed bugs were nearly eradicated several years ago, they have made a bold resurgence in America–and around the world. It could be because of an increase in world travel. Or … (read more)

Garage Sale Goodies and Bed Bug Bites

Be cautious when searching for that great bargain at the local garage sale. You could be bringing bed bugs and roaches to your home. I drove by my first yard sale of the season this afternoon while cruising through Murfreesboro on Highway 96. You’d think that gazing at the steals-of-a-deals and knick-knacks strewn about on the … (read more)