Entomophagy – Man eating Insects

Time for lunch, please pass the insects Now that I have your attention, I am not speaking of insects that eat man, but literally of man eating the insects.  Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects, especially by people.  This practice is a common occurrence around the world, except here in the US.  Silkworms, grasshoppers, ants, crickets, … (read more)

Overwintering Series: Can the Brown Recluse Spider Survive a Tennessee Winter?

Brown recluse spiders in the winter Like the mosquitoes in our previous blog, the fiddle-marked brown recluse spider also enters into diapause/dormancy during the winter. Brown recluses seek insulation and protection from leaves and accumulating snow. They’ve also been known to envelop themselves in a protective silk encasement. By seeking shelter in these types of insulation, brown recluse spiders … (read more)

Overwintering Series: When do Mosquitoes stop biting?

“Baby, it’s cold outside. But I’ll take the chill in the air over the mosquitoes and bites on my arm any day!” – Anonymous resident of Middle Tennessee Much to the delight of many, the mosquitoes that once populated the air space have chilled out for the winter. These bugs typically stop biting humans in temperatures below … (read more)

Seasonal Series: The cold and overwintering bugs

The Bug Man presents a series on overwintering bugs. Stay tuned to our blog over the next several days as we dive into the details of how common middle Tennessee pests survive the winter! Just because we can’t see bugs in the winter, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The bugs are overwintering! If you don’t … (read more)

Fraternal Order of Police vs Titans Alumni Football Game

Who’s ready for some football?? Everyone loves football and as residents of middle Tennessee, it’s natural to support the Tennessee Titans. Nashville is just a few miles down the road, after all.  However, in this particular football game, we’re supporting the La Vergne Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 as they play the Titans Alumni … (read more)

Busting Boxelder Bugs: Round Two

Boxelder bugs are fighting to get inside houses. Below, you’ll see a photo of quite the gathering of boxelder bugs in Murfreesboro, TN. They are scouting out a house to invade. These pests search for the warmest side of the home (usually the south side) and head for a dark crevice to try to get … (read more)

Knocking Out Boxelder Bugs

Winter is knocking on our door, and with the swing of climate shift comes a wave of boxelder bugs. In the last several days, we’ve received numerous calls from our customers about these bothersome bugs. Whether congregating outside the house en masse or making a little boxelder village inside, these red and black bugs are … (read more)

Fast Facts: Fleas Can Hatch in Under 10 Seconds

Fleas are fierce this year! It’s the middle of October and we are still receiving numerous calls about flea infestations! Here are a few flea facts of life: * Although fleas need to eat within a week of merging into the adult stage, they can survive 2-3 years between meals * A female flea can … (read more)

True Tales: How Flies Can Invade a Clean House

A few days ago, we received a phone call from a concerned customer. She was very upset and disturbed that she had a fly infestation in her home. “I clean all of the time,” she said! I’m not trying to sound proud, but I keep a very clean house! I don’t understand why I have … (read more)