Technician Spotlight – Daniel Lambert

Dan Lambert

Daniel Lambert is The Bug Man technician of the week.

He is also the featured technician on our current Quarterly Bug Bytes Newsletter, you can read here at this link.  Daniel was born and raised in the Tekonsha Michigan area.  He proudly served in the US Navy during his younger years on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Daniel and his family moved to Tennessee 10 years ago with his wife, Rhonda.  They have 3 children, Tyler (23), Cody (21) and Kaitlin (17).  During his free time, he enjoys working on his farm in Christiana, raising chickens, goats, and pigs.

Daniel loves to investigate pest problems

Daniel joined The Bug Man team in 2009 and has become a great asset to our customers and Company.  While Daniel does a fantastic job with the daily pests he encounters, such as the ants, spiders, crickets, and roaches, what he really looks forward to is the unique situations that don’t occur everyday.  When we get a call for an unusual situation, such as boxelder bugs, a brown recluse spider infestation, a rat infestation, or a severe pest infestation, Daniel gets excited.  He enjoys the investigation and problem solving that is required in these unique situations.  He located a nest of boxelder bugs nesting in a black plastic box this week.  Without a little investigation on his part, this problem may not have been found and resolved.  When a unique pest issue is called in, Daniel is the first one to jump at the opportunity to investigate and problem solve.

One of our favorite investigative stories was when a customer continued to had indian meal moths flying in their home.  After a few trips and inspections, Daniel finally discovered a set of corn hole bean bags in a drawer.  These bags, filled with corn, had been the source of the moths.  So, if you have a corn hole game, it is possible the bean bags may be a pest food source and breeding area if they are filled with corn or other seeds.

Brown Recluse Spider

Daniel is also utilized as our main pest technician trainer.  Our newest technicians will spend much of their first three weeks working along side Daniel to learn the ropes.  Daniel enjoys teaching others, explaining what to look for and the “why” behind the pest issues.  When a second set of eyes is needed to help problem solve a situation, we look to Daniel for his expertise.

Daniel currently services the North Murfreesboro, Lascassas, and Milton areas.   So when you have a unique pest issue around your house, we have the man for the job.